Guiles' Story

Guile provides us a story that shows how the impact of these programs has spanned generations. Now in his words:

It is indeed a great honor having the seal of TAPPERS CIRCLE. 
Our family is one of the TAP Beneficiaries. My mother was a former volunteer staff of TAP BPV since I was in the Elementary Grades. My family was in great burden because my father was sick, she leaves everyday to go to BPV and returns home in the afternoon. 
As the eldest son in the family I had to do the household chores in the absence of my mother. My father was just in the corner of the house lying in bed and I myself was afraid we might loss him anytime because of his sickness. 
In my early age I saw the sacrifices of my parents especially my mother who was working for us. Our house was not in good condition.. We had to find a dry part of our house when raining. I heard that she was receiving a stipend from sister Elvi and it was great for our family budget. My mother started saving something from it, in behalf of everything she managed to do budget as well as she could. 
All those years we received school supplies for free from the tap bpv. We learned to value things that were given because my mother always explained the efforts of the benefactors to share those things to us. My siblings and I love arts so much and the art materials from TAP have helped us to enhance the art skills that we have, as a matter of fact I started earning from my art work. 
The literacy program helps us so much. I would like to thank the benefactors and sisters elvi and sister Lulu for their effort and selfless love to our community. They helped make a difference in our life... 
Until one day , I found out that my father started to have his good health again. And in his recovery he was inspired by the gardening project of TAP BPV. He continues his gardening project until now. As a matter of fact we started selling some of his plants. 
My mother got a regular job as a grade school teacher. But still she continues to be a part of volunteer group of TAP BPV. I am now in the 2nd year college taking up Bachelor’s in PHYSICAL EDUCATION. We may not be abundant in everything that we need but thank God we learn to be contented on what we have. 
All that I've learned from TAP, the unforgettable words of wisdom from sister ELVI " DILI MAGPARASABI NA DILI KAYA" helps me a lot in discovering my skills. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all the benefactors out there who have done their part in making a difference in our lives....may you continue to support the programs of TAP BPV...You are all in our prayers. 
Sincerely yours, 
Guile Dizon Pela