2020 Projects

Look at what you helped us do!

2020 presented enormous challenges to virtually every person on this globe, and yet with your generous help we were able to do so much. The world was threatened by a global pandemic, wide spread social unrest, and natural disasters. And yet we still managed to move forward. 

Our facility in Masbate, Philippines was ravaged by two major Typhoons, experienced a devastating insect infestation, all while trying to endure the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when the need was greatest for facilities we support, the damages we suffered threatened to end our program. But with the generous support we received, the future is looking brighter. 

We Exceeded our Goals!

Even though many of our normal resources were unavailable during the pandemic, we still received support from so many generous people. Thank you!


Outline of TAP 2020 Accomplishments

Raised $9,341 for use at TAP Benson Peace Village and with these funds:

Performed emergency repairs of the John Paul II Library and Learning center

  •   Repaired roofs                          ,

  •   New cement walls                    ,

  •   New Steel bookcases              ,

  •   Repaired/replaced windows    ,

  •   Repaired electrical system      ,

  •   Repaired generator                 ,

  •   Repaired plumbing                  ,

  •   Repaired/replaced A/V equipment

  1. Kept facilities open, during rebuilding and COVID, to support Literacy, Leadership, and Counseling Programs.

  2. Provided Scholarships for 2 high school and 1 college student, and provided school supplies for many.

  3. Provided funds for regular maintenance and administration of BPV.

  4. Provided Balikbayan boxes for schools supplies, clothes, and food items.

  5. Provided funds to support the community Livelihood gardening contest.

  6. Provided funds to support the community Pasko Sa Nayon (Christmas) party.

TAP BPV Library 1.jpg

Outline of projects Started and Currently in work.

  • Started rebuilding the BPV Chapel                        ,

  • Started rebuilding the Learning Cottages              ,

  • Started planning to rebuild the open court area   ,

  • Began planning to repair/replace the tricycle        .

We are already accepting donations for 2021 Projects. A full description of our plans will be published soon.

TAP-2021 Projects.jpg