Jay-ar's Story

Meet another scholar of ThinkActPeace in Masbate, Philippines.

What does TAP-BPV mean to me? 

Having almost five years, and still counting, of learning experience at TAP-BPV, all I can say is "amazing" as it molds me to become a better version of myself. 
I started here as a tutee (Editor's note: The author uses this colloquial term meaning "student"). When I was in Grade 9 my adviser, Ma'am Regina Dadula, convinced me to join the literacy camp. At first, I really did not have an idea of what it was until I entered the small but amazing place of learning and opportunities--the TAP-BPV. 

It is indeed a home of learning and experience. When I was a tutee, I really paid attention to our tutors because I was very eager to learn from them. I can still remember when Sister Elvi said that we can learn at BPV what we don't learn in school, and that's true.
In my second, third, and fourth time to join I volunteered as an assistant tutor. TAP-BPV enabled me to explore my potential and hone my skills even more. This time I learned to do things I could not do before like how to start up a generator. As Mary Poppins said, "Broaden your horizon, open different doors you may find a you there that you never knew was yours" (from the Mary Poppins Musical). It motivated me a lot. My singing and dancing skills were also enhanced because of the musicals performances we had at the end of every literacy camp and also of the morning exercises. It boosted my confidence more and widened my vocabulary by reading precious books in the JP2 library. It is really an amazing experience that I've had in my life. 

Moreover, the literacy camp helped me decide what course to take in college. I am now a second year student taking up BS Education, major in Mathematics, and I am a proud scholar of TAP-BPV. Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for having this opportunity. I am very lucky to have this opportunity that others can't have. A million thanks to the generous and kindhearted donor for helping me in my studies. This is really a great help to me and my family. Your generosity is highly appreciated. 
As a tribute and gratitude to my scholarship sponsor, I volunteered to serve as a tutor of my co-scholars. Last year, every second week of the month, when  I did not have classes, I visited BPV for the tutorial. I taught them math since that's what Sister wanted me to teach and it's also my field of study. I am glad that as I taught them I also learned from what I taught and that's one thing I like about teaching.

Thus, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the persons behind TAP-BPV. To Sister Elvi who's always there to encourage us all the time - Her words of wisdom will remain in my mind and in my heart. And to all the sponsors and benefactors for their generosity. You all are awesome. May you continue to support the programs of TAP-BPV. Stay safe and God bless. Merci beaucoup!

Jay-ar Dizon Calpenter