Mary Jane's Story

Mary Jane was encouraged, or maybe coerced into providing her story as one of the villagers who have grown through the TAP experience. Now in her words:

By Mary Jane Dizon Pela

Tap means a lot to me. I started here as a volunteer “Nanay” (mother), praying the rosary in the afternoon and after that we all volunteered to help clean the surroundings before going home.

Life then was not easy for me and for my family. Having a sick husband at home with three little kids and no permanent income was a great burden for me.

Thanks to the people with a generous heart at TAP-BPV and Lola Puring, the stipend I received was a great help. It even helped in fixing our house roofs. TAP-BPV is a home for opportunities, a home for learning and for worthwhile experiences. Its doors are always open for us to explore and discover our own potentials and talents. Dr. Elvi never accepts "dili ko aram" (“I don’t know”); she is always there to encourage. I never had the chance to refuse until my potential was enhanced and developed. Thanks to her and to Sr. Lulu I became an artist of TAP-BPV in my own special way. TAP-BPV is a home for learning. I've learned many things, like fixing sink (tubero), sometimes fixing small electrical problems (electrician), fixing small engine troubles (engine mechanic), carpentry coordinator, driver, security guard, clerk, and many more. There were worthwhile experiences, like my first time to go to malls, to join field trips, to go to Jollibee, Manila, and so on. These experiences are all part of my learning and will be treasured for life.

TAP-BPV is also a place where I was molded into a better person with strong spiritual formation. All the programs and projects of TAP-BPV have always made a difference in all aspects of life. It has made a big difference especially to me and my family. My husband's health is now getting better because of the gardening project. He became busy and healthier this time. Our garden became sustainable with vegetables available all the time.

I passed the licensure examination for teachers with the help of the summer literacy program. I now have regular item as a professional teacher in the Department of Education (DepEd). My children somehow are realizing their potentials and skills through the TAP-BPV programs.

Thanks to all the TAP-BPV sponsors who accompany us in our journey. Special thanks to the late Lola Puring and to her family. I could say: I am one of the lucky persons to have been part of TAP-BPV. Not everybody has been given such opportunity as I have. Everything I have learned there is great! TAP-BPV is my family. The Spirit of Volunteerism and all the ideals of TAP-BPV will always be in my heart.